Monday, October 1, 2012

Personal Log: 1 Oktober 2012

It's finally the start of October which mark the end of September and obviously it is time to wake up. 

Today was nothing short on good news, I finally had an interview scheduled which I don't want to reveal until it is done. I don't hope too much on getting the job as I'd already promised my buddy to take a job at my alma mater. I am quite torn to choose. But given the circumstances, I had decided to try and let it unroll then rather than planning from now.

Although good news are on the way, I was struck by a bad news that my close friend's father was admitted to PPUM last night and had a surgery. Doctor said it was a stroke. I really hope that my friend could stay strong for this test. His mom decided to stay with him in the hospital for fear that he cried a lot since his father was admitted. This is, really for me, a model son. Something which beg a question out of me, am I a good son to my parents?

I think his care to his father deserve to be noted in this blog. Lukman bin Uzir, you are truly a great son. Both to your mom and to your dad. I really hope that your dad find the strength to get well again and I urge the readers to possibly send prayers for his father's health. You have inspire me to be a good son to my parents also. Let's hope that your father recover and recover well.